DBW info

Welcome to Drum Beat Workshop 2018!

What is this?

The Drum Beat Workshop is Sweden's first workshop to be drummer, musician and fellow musician.

For you who are drummer and want to progress in your development. For those who want to meet other drummers, get new inspiration, find new motivation and new tools for your development. Live and breathe drums and music 24 hours a day for 3 days with professional musicians and your classmates.

Drum Beat Workshop is for drummers who have been playing for a while and who the basics and want to develop their playing, technique and knowledge of playing drums, no matter what genre you play or want to play, whether you play in the garage alone or in a band.

At Drum Beat Workshop you will meet dedicated drummers who will help you develop your technique, timing, coordination and groove. Educators with long experience in the music industry as drummers and as teachers.

At Drum Beat Workshop we mix pure exercises with lectures and coaching. You will get insight into how to "Think Right!" To develop and move on. How to act as a fellow musician and learn more about finding the feeling and the sink as part of the band's engine

Drum Beat Workshop is better than YouTube. Drum Beat Workshop is for real!

Read through this page and you will find the application at the bottom! Come join us, play and talk drums during the 3 best days of the year!

So what do the 3 best days of the year cost?

3-day pass: 6200sek

1-day pass: 2200sek. The full amount is paid at the time of registration. Choose Friday, Saturday or Sunday. If you want to participate more than one day, then choose it when you reach the payment page. There are a few spots left where you don't need to bring anything other than your drumsticks, i.e. you can borrow pads, pedals and throne. Only valid if you buy a 1-day pass and not if you sign up for all 3 days.

What is included in the participant fee?

For all participants, coffee and lunch are included in the three days. In addition to three days of learning about drums and seminars on inspiration and tips on moving forward in your drumming development, you will meet a bunch of other like-minded ones who love the instrument they play and spend 3 intense days together with them. What could be better is that ?!

Where do we stay when and when?

This year we will be staying at Fryshuset again! Thanks for that! The address is located at the bottom of the site..

What do I need to bring with me?

In addition to a happy mood and curiosity, you will need to bring your own throne (trunk), double bass-pedal, trunks and an exercise kit type DW's Go Anywhere or digital kit. Do not forget that a pair of earplugs are never wrong to bring along.

What level does DBW look for?

You should have played for a while and know concepts like groove, hour, beat, different tactics. DBW is primarily aimed at those who want to continue developing within drums and looking for inspiration and motivation sources. You do not have to be a professional drummer but maybe you're wondering how to get there. We hope several girls / women are looking for DBW. We will be around 20 people during the workshop so now you have the opportunity to meet several drummers like you and make new contacts.

Will I really get facetime with professional musicians?

Absolutely! When they do not hold a lesson, you can find them at the hotel. You do not have to register to study with one of the teachers, but when you sign up for DBW, you know that you will receive lessons from ALL teachers. You will also eat, hang out and have long discussions with the teachers and all other students after the classes have been completed for the day. Live and breathe drums 24/7! And yes, Thomas Lang is in place every three days to give you the maximum dividend of your days!

When do I have to be there and when does it end?

DBW will start at 09.00 on Friday. On Sundays we end when we are done!

What do the days look like?

- We start at 09.00 on Friday and last until dinner time. We break for lunch during the day and there will be coffee etc. in the afternoon.

- Saturday we start at 9.00 and only interrupt for lunch and coffee. The days will be filled with exercises, workshops and seminars.

- Sunday we will start at 9.00 again and will last until we end.

Where can I stay?

There are many accommodations around the venue Fryshuset. Look around in Hammarby and Södermalm / Skanstull. We will have Clarion Hotel Stockholm at Skanstull as the "home base" after the end of the day. If you book a hotel, make sure you book with a cancellation option, as we will not be responsible for any costs if we will be forced to cancel the workshop.



Do I have to be able to read notes?


Can I have private lessons?

No. But you have the opportunity to ask anything you ever thought about, when it comes to drums, directly to your teachers. There is also the opportunity to, with time, help with specific findings on the drums that will be in place. All teachers on-site offer private lessons outside the DBW. Be sure to ask them directly in place.

Is there a minimum age?

Yes. DBW caters to you who have been playing for a while and are not a beginners course. There is no upper age limit as long as you are curious and want to learn more. If you are under 18, you are welcome to participate in the entire DBW but we must have your parents’ or legal guardian’s permission for you to participate.

Can I film, shoot or record sound recordings?

Sure. Just keep in mind that everyone does not want to participate in movies and social media. Please post pictures and clips so others will see what we do. Just keep in mind that all images and audio recordings are for your own private use. You paid to go to the workshop, why should you give it away for free? We will also document parts of the weekend with our media team.

What else should I think of?

Do not forget the camera, pen and paper to make notes.