Drum Beat team

Peter Bylin

Peter Bylin For 20 years I’ve been working as a professional drummer/percussionist and drum educator. I have a long history of working with different artists/bands and been on tour, done TV-performances and studio recordings both in Sweden and internationally. A few of the people I’ve worked with are Anders Widmark, Sara Isaksson, Lutricia McNeal, Helene Sjöholm, Carola, Jan Johansen, Roger Pontare, Simone Moreno, Papa Dee, Charlotte Perrelli, Claes Jansson, Per-Erik Hallin, Alex Acuña, Tommy Nilsson, LaGayla Frazier, Malin Foxdal, Latin in The Mood, Soneros All Stars, Kristin Amparo, Ida Sand, Elin Lanto, Pernilla Wahlgren, Erik Segerstedt, ADL, Pete Lockett, Wikman/Bylin Proyecto. Frequently hired to lecture at various music schools/classes and teach at Stockholm School of the Arts advanced program Jazz Center, where I am one of the head teachers. Sponsored and do clinics for, among others, DW drums, Vic Firth sticks, LP percussion and Zildjian cymbals.

The Mathisen family

Wikman & Bylin Proyecto

House of Widmark

Studied at: Härnösands Musikgymnasium Arméns Musikpluton Bollnäs Folkhögskolas musiklinje Stockholm Musikpedagogiska Institut (SMI).

André Ferrari

I’ve freelanced as a musician (drummer, percussionist, bassist, composer, organizer and conductor) within a musical field that extends over rock, pop, folk and world music, progressive fusion, funk/beat, jazz, soul, and blues. My work as a freelance musician began in 1984 with cooperation at recording studios, TV shows, concerts and tours with various artists such as Tommy Körberg, Anders Glenmark, Ted Gärdestad, Cornelis Vreeswijk, Helen Sjöholm, Eva Dahlgren, Mikael Rickfors, Robyn, Stina Nordenstam, Stockholms Filharmoniska Orkester, Lisa Nilsson, Michael Bolton, Céline Dion, Peter Jöback, Jojje Wadenius, Eje Thelin, David Wilsczevski, Just D, Hoven Droven and recently Snarky Puppy. In 2016 the founder of Snarky Puppy, Michael League started the band Bokanté, “@bokantemusic”, in which I am one of 3 percussionists. 1994-2004 Member of Väsen. 2005-2006 Conductor in the production “Bounce Live” with the Streetdance company BOUNCE. 2016- “In B@ Ween rhythm” a duo project with newly written music together with Väsen’s NYCKELHARPIST (?) Olov Johansson.


André Ferrari Beat Chilli-Curry Live Snarky Puppy Live

LaGaylia Frazier – That girl

Bokanté – Jou Ké Ouvè

I teach and lecture at: Birkagårdens Folkhögskola RML (RockMusikerLinjen) Private tutoring Stockholms Musikhögskola Gästföreläsare på diverse folkhögskolor together with Bengt “Bengan” Jonasson.

I’ve studied at: Södra latins musikgymnasium, Berklee Collage Of Music och Kungliga Musikhögskolan.

Some of my most significant musical influences are: Except every person I’ve ever worked with, my main influences considering performance and soundstage are Frank Zappa, Bob Marley, George Duke, Gotye och Tigran Hamasyan.

Mikael Wikman

I’ve been working as a musician since the early 90s. I have, among other things, worked and been on tour with a number of artists and bands as well as been a part of various shows and musicals. Today I primarily work at my own studio, “Mikael Wikman Drum Studio”, where I record drums and beats for other songwriters and producers, record other drummers, and also produce and record music for various projects. Aside from performing with other artists and bands, I’ve also had a few clinic tours for DW, Sabian, Clavia, and Roland. I’ve taught and had workshops at drum festivals (such as bass & drums), in different music stores and schools as Södra Latin, Rytmus, Fredrika Bremer, and SMI Stockholms Musikpedagogiska Institut. Artists and bands I’ve worked with: Emre Aydin, Lena Philipsson, Per Erik Hallin, Lasse Lindgren, Joakim Thåström, Sven Bertil Taube, Alien, Planet Waves, Lill Babs, John Rossal, Linda Bengtzing, Uno Sveningsson, Tommy Nilsson, Jerry Donahue, Pete Lockett, with others.

Some of my drum influences are: Ringo, Ian Paice, Levon Helm, Mel Lewis, Jim Keltner, Jeff Hamilton, Richie Hayward, Joseph Ziggy Modeeliste, Steve Jordan.  

Music schools I’ve studied at: Adolf Fredriks musikklasser (Stockholm) Södra Latins Slagverkslinje (Stockholm) Drummers Collective (New York) SMI (Stockholms Musikpedagogiska Institut) (Stockholm)  

One of my specialties is to capture great drum sounds in studio environment.

Web: http://www.mikaelwikmandrumstudio.com/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/mikaelwikmandrumstudio

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/mikaelwikman

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikael_wikman

Google+ https://plus.google.com/+MikaelWikman/posts

Fredrik Bergström

Since the early 90s I’ve been playing drums on a professional level. I’ve been playing in various contexts such as pop/rock, funk/fusion, jazz, big bands, etc. I’ve been on tour with bands and artists as well as played in theatres and thought classes. Furthermore, I’ve worked on increasing free time musicians’ and amateur bands’ possibilities to grow through/by/thanks to Studiefrämjandet, through this I’ve held different types of workshops for drums and percussion. Have studied drums at: Fridhems folkhögskola Drummers Collective (N.Y) The New School (N.Y)     Some people I’ve played together with: Mikael Rickfors, Andreas Johnson, Dan Hylander, Charlotte Perrelli, Svante Thuresson, Peter Jöback, Charlie Norman, Erik Borelius, Maria Möller, Christer Sandelin, Phil Deville quartet (N.Y), Pernilla Wahlgren, Furillos, Jan Johansen, Tommy Nilsson, Rikard Wolff etc. At the moment touring with "Från Broadway till Duvemåla".

Drum solo on TD 20 K

Magnus Skarstedt

Started drumming long before my mom got tired of me banging on our porcelain and pots and decided to put me in music school and I got my first golden drum set. I can’t remember the brand, but it was mine! Since then I’ve been playing in various bands and orchestras, both drums and percussion.

I'm taking care of everything for DBW that my incredibly competent colleagues don’t, such as making sure everything works correctly on the website, on Facebook etc. Making sure that your application is taken care of and ensure that you get help with your questions. I will most likely be sitting next to you during the seminars and workshops we have throughout Drum Beat Workshop.

That’s why I started Drum Beat Workshop, to be able to immerse myself into drumming and to learn from people who are deeply involved in the industry and who know what is required. Not to mention finding fellow drummers who can share tips and ideas as well as give inspiration and motivation making me go forward in my own development. I hope you feel that this is exactly what you’ve been looking for and that we will see you soon!