Great! Thank you for your interest in the 3 most amazing days of the 2018!

What will it cost me?

3-day pass: 6200sek

1-day pass: 2200sek. The full amount is paid at the time of registration. Choose Friday, Saturday or Sunday. If you want to participate more than one day, then choose it when you reach the payment page.

How do I pay?

When you register to the camp you are confirming a spot at DBW by paying the fee via Paypal. A deposit of 1800sek that is part of the fee is not refundable if you chose to withdraw your registration.

The day-pass must be paid in full at registration. No deposit shall be paid.

When is the last day to register an application?

Last day to register is October 1st 2018.

If DBW gets cancelled?

DBW refers the right to cancel the workshop at any time if we find it necessary because of too few participants or any other reason. If DBW is cancelled everyone who have already paid for the deposit will be refunded, excluding any extra costs DBW might have had of transactions by Paypal etc. The refund will be done according to any agreement between DBW and the respective participants. DBW is not responsible for any travel expenses or any other expenses participant may have had to pay to be at DBW. If you are travelling from far away, by air etc., we recommend that you get a travel and cancellation insurance.

Everything you HAVE to read you can find at DBW info

Booking is closed for this year!